Micro Rewards revolutionizes the recognition of sports achievements, transforming how athletes are honored for their accomplishments in
Endurance Sports


An easily accessible and user-friendly system allows you to issue digital credentials to recognize the achievements of endurance sports. You can manage all receivers in one place and bulk issue race medals/certificates with dynamic data.


Micro Rewards allows its receivers to collect digital assets to a digital wallet for safekeeping and showcase their achievements on social media for better recognition and personal branding.


These Race Medals and Certificates cannot be duplicated but can be easily verified for authenticity. Underlying technology is backed by advanced cryptography which makes these credentials tamper evident and verifiable.

Few of our Ongoing Projects

Colombo City Running

Colombo Night Running

Arugam Bay Half Marathon

Beyond the Pedals

G360 Aquathlon

Sports Fiesta

Why Micro Rewards?

Distinct & Immutable

Advanced cryptography used in generating race certificates, guarantees that these rewards are tamper-evident. Therefore each certificate and medal is unique, and any unauthorized changes can be identified.

Rewards are Digital

Micro Rewards are digital, making them portable by nature. Certificates and Medals can be shared and verified with a few clicks. Receivers of these digital assets can collect those into a Web3 Wallet for easy management.

Fully Customizable

This platform allows issuers to create custom designs for digital assets while allowing them to include dynamic data when bulk issuing, and that ensures the ability to personalize digital credentials for individuals who receive those.

Social Media Friendly

All Race Medals and Certificates that are issued through the Micro Rewards platform can be directly shared to social media platforms with a single click

User Friendly

Medals and Certificates can be generated in just a few minutes, ensuring a smooth and effortless process for issuing certificates.


Cryptographic signatures embedded within these digital assets could prove without a doubt who has issued a given Medal to whom on which date.


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